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Interactive Experiences

1- What is APXE all about?

APXE is the metaverse of metaverses. APXE uses the APEZ coin for all its transactions.
APXE is a decentralized environment that will be built, developed, and maintained over a period of time where lore-specific nft collections, staking opportunities, and various mysteries surrounding the deep lore will be presented as points of interaction for APXE holders and members of the community. Through collecting and staking nfts and solving mysteries, keen APXE holders will be able to win real rewards. This interactive environment will be presented in the context of a deep lore that will keep unveiling as the time goes on while supported by articles, mysteries, reports, comics and cinematic videos.

2- How can I buy $APZ?

$APZ can be purchased on the following platforms:

3- What is the contract address?


4- How to create a Metamask account?

You can find all answers about MetaMask here.

5-Where is the chart?

You can see chart on DexTools.

6- Is liquidity locked?

It’s locked and loaded.

7- Is the contract renounced?

It is indeed renounced.

8- What is the total supply?

9- How about buy/sell tax?

Buy Tax 4%
Marketing & Development 3%
Liquidity 1%

Sell Tax 4%
Marketing & Development 3%
Liquidity 1%

10- Are the NFT series unique or generated?

Every single one of them is unique.