Their empire spanned myriad stars and planets. But there came a time, when the empire became too overstretched. Clashing ideologies ultimately split the empire into three major factions: “PURITAN, CHIMERA, SYMBIOTE”.

The cooperation and conflict between the factions have been molded to last forever.

Among them, there are also those who love to push the boundaries of each faction, wandering between worlds.





+Dominance on Planet Undeka
+Expertise in herbs
+Specialized in professions such as doctor, musician, farmer, clergyman
+Ability to concoct potions
+Essential nutrients for interstellar travel
+Material supply of medicine


+ Dominance on Planet Lilith
+ Expertise in Bio-hack
+ Specialized in professions such as pilot, astronaut, and engineering
+ Influence over animals
+ Spaceships and energy-based technologies
+ Material supply of spacecraft


+ Warrior characteristics
+ Constant need for medication
+ Specialized in professions such as chemist, biologist, mercenary
+ Expertise in weapons, bombs and bio-warfare
+ Secret to a long and robust life
+ Material supply of lands

You will be able to acquire and develop professions specific to your chosen faction, and as you grow in your skills, you will be able to develop your own territory or equipment.

Various adventures or challenging missions will reward unique NFTs.

PURITANS are the isolationists of the bunch. They do not actively seek cooperation with other factions, and value their genetic ancestry and purity of body above all else. They are fiercely territorial and ready to defend their home-planets down to the last.

Become an extraordinary surgeon with magical hands!
Choose the life of a farmer who grows crops highly sought all across the APXE.

You will have your own houses, cities, even countries within the borders of your faction!

When you buy a land NFT, you will get to own your own land and the mines on a specific planet. Each mine produces at most two different types of minerals. To construct a building that requires a different type of mineral than the mines you own produce, you have to either buy another land or trade to get it from the market.

CHIMERAS favor bodily modifications, employing cybernetics and bio-enhancements for improved physical and mental capabilities as well as heightened senses. Their modifications include organic wings, claws or other useful extremities, optical rigs, cybernetic arms and legs, and countless more. They maintain diplomatic, commercial and technological relations with the SYMBIOTES.

Some NFT collections are exclusive to the factions they represent. Collecting them will give you access to a specific feature that will unlock special privileges.

You can sell or lease spaceship technologies. You can charge a fee for modifications on a particular animal species.

SYMBIOTES are the result of an unfortunate meeting between a vanguard fleet and the local parasitic fungi during a mission to scout out a new habitable planet. Infected by fungi spores, the unsuspecting marine squads soon became hosts to a new form of symbiotic relationship. Other factions soon became aware of the widespread infection triggered by the return of the marines to their homebase, and rushed a vaccine against the infection derived from rare individuals with a natural immunity. While maintaining their mental presence to a certain extent, they still have to share certain bodily functions with the invading parasitic fungus. This relationship grants them certain advantages such as extraordinary longevity, improved reflexes, remarkable physical endurance, among others. Their modified physiologies help them see eye to eye with CHIMERAS in a lot of matters.

Symbiotes have a strong partnership with Chimeras!
You can be a master chemist who creates their own alchemy formulas. Other species can wait in line to buy combat and offensive technologies from you!

Symbiotes are essential to conquering other planets!
Fungi and intelligent parasites on their planet have turned them into a completely different species.

You can develop your own skills and have the most prosperous cities. You can either get along with other factions or conquer them!

You will write your own story with the character you choose to be and the choices you will make!